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About This Club

This club is a space for Circle Members who: 1) Offer SEO services; 2) Are interested in connecting with creative professionals who offer SEO services; 3) Want SEO resources and tips from the community
  1. What's new in this club
  2. Good afternoon to the colleague, I know a a lot about SEO best-practices, the problem many of them not possible at Squarespace but I am happy to be a part of circle
  3. Hi everyone, My name is Ignacio, and my company is an SEO and Social Media marketing company called 598 Los Angeles. We're a new agency that recently opened up in Los Angeles, Inglewood specifically, and we're excited to continue growing and learning from everyone else in the SquareSpace family.
  4. Hello all, Vyas Giannetti Creative is a established creative agency, specialize in providing branding solutions to Digital marketing services. Since 1997, VGC have worked with over 100+ leading companies and brands.
  5. Hi Damian — we also use SEMRUSH with our site as well. What would you like to compare?
  6. Hey folks, I operate an SEO agency in Los Angeles that specializes in Squarespace SEO. We help our clients' websites rank well for local and global terms, and we use creative content strategy to grow relevant traffic & brands' search visibility. All of our Squarespace client sites rank at the top of search results for their primary keywords. We also moved our agency site from Wordpress to Squarespace earlier this year - primarily to prove that Squarespace sites can rank very well nationally. I'm looking forward to helping folks understand the Squarespace platform's ability to rank well based on our expertise!
  7. yes I started use SEMRUSH in my own portfolio and client site, but after coved not so happy by results on search
  8. Hi Everyone I build and maintain Squarespace site for my clients and I use SEMRUSH (https://www.semrush.com/) to keep track of SEO activity. Does anyone else use SEMRUSH? I would like to compare notes on a few things. Cheers Damian
  9. Hello there, I run hampshirewebsites.com based in the UK. I design websites, mainly with Squarespace and have specialised in SEO quite recently. I offer my clients search engine optimised web design and regular SEO reports. I am very interested in exchange with other SEO people, new trends, tips, etc. When preparing a report for a client this morning, I came across a Circle forum entry about the mobile page speed, which seem very low for Squarespace websites and as I have subsequently found out, others too. I look forward to being part of the SEO club!
  10. Hello! I'm a UX Designer, based in Leipzig, Germany. I have been conceiving, designing and creating websites for almost 20 years now, in my own small digital agency called "Medienfreunde". SEO is not just typing keywords in Squarespace's SEO fields, it starts right away with conceiving the website. Good SEO is part of the whole UX and vice versa. I think I have a deep understanding of SEO and I am excited about the contributions and discussions here.
  11. Hello, my name is Morgan, and I'm the owner of Webtyde Digital Marketing based in New Orleans, LA. I've been building websites in SquareSpace, WordPress, and Wix for about 7 years. I specialize in SEO for any breed of Website and PPC. I'm looking forward to keeping up to date with SquareSpace SEO updates and learning from other professionals in the field.
  12. I'm a brand and web designer for wellness professionals and yoga teachers, and I'm based in Salt Lake City. I'm no SEO expert but I get asked often about it by my clients, and it's a big consideration when they choose a platform for their website. I'm here to learn SEO best-practices and to maybe help squash the myth that Squarespace is somehow inferior to other platforms when it comes to SEO! 😄
  13. Hi, all! I am based in Bozeman, Montana and have been designing Squarespace website for 5 years (I built on WordPress prior to that). I offer Squarespace web design, SEO and copywriting services. SEO is an ever-evolving topic (as we all know), so I'm excited to be a part of a group like this to continue to learn and elevate this part of my business!
  14. Hello! I'm based in Orange County, CA and have been designing Squarespace sites for my clients for two years. I mainly work with people developing a personal brand, but I also have corporate clients in the aerospace world as well. Along with web design, I offer copywriting, branding, lifestyle photography, and consulting services, depending on the client. I have a basic understanding of SEO, and often optimize my client's websites, but I would like a better understanding of how to choose the right keywords. I'd also love some resources to offer my clients who need more SEO work after the build.
  15. I'm based in the UK and I've been designing sites with Squarespace for over 7 years and for many years previously with Wordpress and HTML. As a freelance creative I offer graphic and website design, packaging and sign design, book cover and layout design, art and illustration and content and blog writing. Aside for that, I'm a published poet and love escaping into the wilderness. I offer some SEO support for clients and outsource anything that is more specific or in-depth. I'm keen to learn more and in turn connect with Squarespace SEO providers for referrals and also knowledge sharing. Being able to give the best and most up to date info to clients using Squarespace is vital as SEO changes all the time. Also, I'm keen to know how to adjust things now that Google are releasing their latest Performance checks.
  16. Hi all! I'm really excited for this new Club for SEO Experts. I'd love to start this thread for people to share a bit about themselves, their business, and what they'd like to get out of a subcommunity like this. Let me know if you have any questions about posting, creating Clubs, or managing Clubs! -Maddie, Circle Community Coordinator

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