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About This Club

This club is a space for Circle Members who: 1) Offer photography services; 2) Are interested in connecting with creative professionals who offer photography services; 3) Want photography resources and tips from the community

  1. What's new in this club
  2. Hi everybody! I'me very happy to share with you all a brand new creative project we have just launched. It's name is Indómada Studio, and we offer comprehensive creative services for wildlife photographers We are based in Spain and for now the web it's only in spanish, but we work for the entire universe. We hope to translate it very soon! We do all kinds of work, but our star service is probably web design and we are very, very happy to only work with Squarespace. Among other things, the great self-management capacity makes it a much more interesting product for many photographers. Manu Mateo for Indómada Studio www.indomada.com
  3. Hi everyone - great idea for a topic! I started my product photography business in 2012 and built up to running my own studio in London since 2015. I specialise in product and lifestyle photography for the design and craft industry. I work with my partner Natasha and a regular stylist to create concepts, source props and plan to lighting/style of each shoot. We cover everything from ceramics, glass and textiles to furniture, beauty/wellness and fashion accessories. In the first year of my work I found many clients wanted websites, I asked a friend in the US and he recommended Squarespace - never looked back! It's been so beneficial being able to handle stills, video, animation and create the sites, we can pretty offer full service agency type work for a fraction of the cost. I often shoot and create the site for the same client, a great example is the ceramicist Sue Pryke: https://www.suepryke.com/ who was my first client, we have updated the site design/template several times. I also work as a trainer and educator, both for photography and Squarespace. Recently this has been through Zoom and other web platforms which is fine for us, although I do miss going to shows and events here. My photography work is all on www.yeshen.uk FYI: On Monday June 22, I will be hosting a Circle AMA on Getting the most out of your images on Squarespace in the Circle Forum. Look out for the post, I think it's going live tomorrow (Mon 15) so you can ask me your questions for a week and then I will post answers on Mon 22 - should be fun!
  4. Hi everyone, nice to "meet" you all and get to check out some beautiful work! I've been shooting landscapes and people for 10 years, and my site www.mattlinden.co.uk is in dire need of updating! And ideas/tips much appreciated :) Matt
  5. Hi all, thanks for having me! I've been into photography since the days of film, but only recently began to pivot away from web dev to full-time freelance photography. I'm based in NYC and shoot mostly portraits, events, and food. My portfolio: www.jinyc-photo.com
  6. hello everybody, i'm a french wedding, portrait and adventures photographer. I also develop websites for other photographers and videographers. www.davidmazeau.com
  7. Hi all! I'm a photographer and web designer based in Stockholm, Sweden. The last 15 years I've been photographing Harley-Davidson motorcycles and events for a Swedish magazine, but since a couple of years I also do other photo gigs, including drone photography (DJI Phantom 4 Pro and Mavic Air 2) and 360° virtual tours (Ricoh Theta Z1). My brand is OneManWork and this is my web site
  8. Great idea, I'm a full-time professional wedding and corporate events photographer based in Brisbane, Australia. Like many others here I suspect, I offer squarespace 'website setup' and marketing consultancy to small businesses (often with photography as the centrepiece) under a brand called Locus Focus www.locusfocus.com.au and then I run my photography business under www.chrisjack.com.au. Both sites are SS 7.0. I have been using Acuity Scheduling for my bookings and entire workflow for the photography for the past three years, and it hasn't failed me yet! During the COVID-19 pandemic, being able to fall back to website client work has been a lifesaver. Would love to start some discussions about best practices and/or different approaches for photography websites on SS.
  9. Hi, guys! Excited to join this group. I'm the Content Manager for a soft plastic fishing bait manufacturer and shoot all the product for our product catalog, online store, and advertising, but in my "free time" I'm a food writer and photographer. Like a lot of you, I'm in a transitional stage and I'm looking to move toward shooting commercially for people in the food and beverage industry. My food blog/photography portolio site is: http://www.foodnwhine.com/ Heidi
  10. Hi guys! I was a wedding photographer for 16 years but this year I’ve transitioned fully over to property photography and landscape art photography. I’m also an average level programmer, big time orchid grower (250!) and about to start building and selling 3D-printer orchid products. Here’s my main site for landscape photography which does have a bit about my orchid growing: seanhoyt.com
  11. This could be fun! I'm a semi-pro based in northern New Jersey. I mainly get hired for small events and weddings, but I like to incorporate unconventional or niche styles into my work, like aerial drone and 360º photography. I'm here if you want to connect: www.danschenker.com
  12. So excited about this topic - it just popped up on my Circle feed - I'm a brand new company - but with 10 years of experience shooting for a large government organization. Stepping out on my own has been scary - especially in times of COVID - but hopefully things will pick up again. Check out my site: http://theadaptedlens.com.
  13. I haven't seen this thread before, but I'm a professional photographer in South Mississippi. I do wedding and portrait photography mostly, but I have started working with some businesses for branding work as well. This is my website: http://www.annacirlotphotography.com
  14. Hi all! I'm really excited for this new Club for photographers. I'd love to start this thread for people to share a bit about themselves, their business, and what they'd like to get out of a subcommunity like this. Let me know if you have any questions about posting, creating Clubs, or managing Clubs! -Maddie, Circle Community Coordinator

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